When we started Structured Foods, we noticed a gap between what peer-reviewed nutritional science said about food and what was commonly shared by other food companies. We wanted to create products that utilized peer reviewed research as their basis for design. Our first product-line, cookies with added protein and fiber, is a great example of this idea in action. Protein and fiber combine to keep you satisfied longer, stopping your urge to snack [1].

To that end, helping our customers access well-established nutritional science is core to Structured Foods. In the nutrition section of our website you'll find several topics digging deeper than what we feel is commonly available. We've been specific with our sources and have cited them below each section. Most of the research is publicly available through Pubmed, although some sources we found using web of science, which does require a login. Following this article is a series of pages covering the different aspects of nutrition, starting with the basics and continuing through current diet trends.


[1] Norton, J. E.; Espinosa, Y. G.; Watson, R. L.; Spyropoulos, F.; Norton, I. T., Functional food microstructures for macronutrient release and delivery. Food & Function 2015, 6 (3), 663-678.

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