Why Structured Foods?

We started Structured Foods with the idea that nutrition should be based on the facts. We believe that helping people snack smarter starts with science and ends with great taste. We've used our background in science and engineering, combined with our experience in the industry, to do the research. Protein and fiber are the most important ingredients to help you stay full after snacking. With that in mind, we've created a delicious set of soft baked cookies that are scientifically designed to keep you satisfied.

Snack time at the conference room. Best midday snack

Small Team, Big Impact

True to our core, our team is small, impactful and scientific.

This is an image of a Founder of Structured Foods, Mike Simon. Mike is a handsome man in his mid twenties to early thirties. He is smiling and leaning against a wall wearing a casual patterned button down shirt.

Mike Simon

Mike started his career as a chemical engineer. Things changed quickly when he moved back home (Miami) to help his parents get their fledgling cookie company, ginnybakes, off the ground. Launching his own company in the industry he loves has been a long time goal.

Structured Foods co-founder

Brian Chester

Similar to Mike, Brian started his career as a chemical engineer working in production and operations in Texas. He joined Harvard Business School with the goal of bringing his engineering background to the business and food space.